My Story.....


I was born Dec 21, 1969 in Toronto, Ontario and moved out west in 1982  when I was 12 with my family. Currently, I live in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada and I am an "Epilepsy" survivor! I had Neuro Surgery Dec 3, 2002 at the U of A Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have been 100% seizure free since!!! My surgery was called Left Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy! I know what recovery was like for me and I wish I would of had the resources that I do now, so that I could of interacted with others that are in( or were in) the same probably would of made a huge difference in my life with seizures! 

I was 2 1/2 yrs old when my seizures started, went through a long remission and than had them return at 20 yrs old. I decided to get a 2nd opinion and that is what changed my life forever. Now that I have lived with seizures, lived through surgery and living life to the fullest I want to expand and speak to those around the world, let everyone know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I would like to say to anyone and everyone out there that lives with Epilepsy, that "you are who you are, be proud of YOU".

I am looking to  speak with those "around the world" on my experience with Epilepsy! I am mom of 3 boys, work as an Education Assistant, play sports, travel...I do everything and I even did all of that when I still had my seizures. I want to let others know to never give up, never say you can't do something. People need to stay positive and sometimes just having someone else understand what you are going through makes a world of difference.

I would be honored to attend any events that are in need of speakers, I am a people person with a passion for those with Epilepsy! Remember, I have been there!

Please check out my  FACEBOOK Support Group - Life After Brain Surgery  - There are some amazing individuals in that group who all have stories, opinions and a great passion for supporting others!! Thanks for checking out my site! 

Take Care

Ann Marie O'Connor        


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